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Refund & Cancellation Policy

This Website has a 60 day no-questions-asked "Refund Policy", for cases where a Paid Member is not satisfied with the services provided and files a written request for refund. This policy however, applies ONLY to instances where account upgradation charges were paid using Credit Card, Debit Card or Net banking. Payments made using Cheque, Demand Drafts, Wire Transfers are not eligible for a refund under this policy.
This website is engaged in an online-information business. The services referenced herein are delivered online only. Website assumes that on activation of membership, the entire amount of subscription charges or membership fee is consumed; though the website is assumed to provide service to the User for the period of contract. User expressly understands and accepts that once membership is activated, the user has started using services offered by this website and money paid for such services cannot be claimed as refund, unless such a claim is made within 60 days from the start-date of paid membership and provided that the user had paid the subscription fees using Credit Card, Debit Card.
  1. Before the membership is activated by this website, the user or subscriber can claim cancellation and refund by the following ways only:
    1. For credit card transactions, the user or subscriber can email this website his intention for cancellation of his membership or paid subscription. On receipt of such cancellation request, this website will cancel the transaction and such transaction will not be charged to the credit card holder. In case the transaction has already been authorized, this website will refund the amount authorized by such transaction within 7 working days of receipt of request for cancellation of paid subscription. Credit card payment gateways may take their own additional time depending upon their internal procedures to credit such amount to the credit card holder.
    2. For cheque / demand draft payments, this website will refund the instrument to the user or subscriber if this website gets the request to cancel the transaction, before it is deposited to the bank account. If the instrument is deposited in the bank account, then this website will send the refund cheque within 7 working days of getting the credit of the said instrument in the bank account. Such refund cheque will be sent by registered post / airmail to the drawer of the instrument.
    3. For foreign currency wire transfers, the user or subscriber can initiate the “Recall” request through his banking channel. On getting the request for “Recall of money”, this website will approve the transaction reversal within 7 working days of getting such request from its bank.